How Kimray is Using Valve Automation to Drive Performance

Kimray R2L and Valvcon Actuator in the Field

What is Valve Automation?

For a growing number of producers, valve automation is a proving to be a productive investment.

Valve automation is leveraging the latest technology in valve actuation to introduce features like electric power and remote monitoring and control of oil and gas processes.

In our experience, embracing this technology helps oil and gas companies in four primary areas:

  1. Overall cost of ownership
  2. Field efficiency
  3. Operator safety
  4. Environmental compliance

Valve Automation and the Digital Oilfield

As digital oilfield matures into reality, and Kimray is a playing a significant role in its development.

We are re-imagining processes with digital automation in mind and taking full advantage of emerging technologies in valve automation.

Our goal is to both identify industry drawbacks and to create the solutions to overcome them. In the end, we believe this investment will make our customers more productive and help our industry move into the next era. Here are a few specific ways we are contributing:

Valve Automation Videos

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