Prevent Control Valve Body Replacement with the T-Body HPCV

With the increased use of proppant in well completions, control valve body replacement has become a regular requirement for oil and gas producers.

Erosive production fluid causes equipment damage and can lead to environmental and safety issues as well as costly downtime.

High Pressure Control Valves bear the brunt of this erosion, and valve bodies can eventually be compromised.

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Prevent Control Valve Body Replacement with the T-Body HPCV

The T-Body High Pressure Control Valve is designed specifically for the erosive production conditions of today's oilfield.

With regular maintenance, the T-Body provides long-lasting control of high-pressure processes and allows you to minimize control valve body replacement.

There are 4 key features that make this valve effective:

  • Replaceable Wear Plug
  • Configurable Body 
  • Field-Reversible Top Works 
  • Electric or Pneumatic Actuation 

Replaceable Wear Plug Assembly

    1. Replaceable Wear Plug Assembly

    The key feature of the T-Body valve is the replaceable wear plug assembly. This plug assembly is designed to absorb the force of sand and other erosive materials that wear away and damage HPCVs.

    With the T-Body, you can easily examine this sacrificial piece and replace it without taking the valve out of line. This is a much more low-cost option than replacing the entire valve body.  

    NPT Configurable body


    2. Configurable Body 

    The NPT end connection option can also be quickly converted from through-body to angle-body configuration.   

    This means you can easily repurpose your valves for different applications, and purchase one valve rather than two to reduce the overall amount of inventory needed for your operation.  

    t-body wear plug assembly

    A standard 2” NPT Plug is included in the box for converting the valve to the angle body configuration. Use of this plug in the bottom port will negatively affect valve performance.   

    The flanged T-Body options include flanges on the side ports and retain the 2” NPT port on the bottom for the wear plug assembly.   

    NPT Configurable body wear plug


    3. Field-Reversible Top Works 

    With the pneumatic version of the T-Body, you can convert the topworks in the field from fail-closed to fail-open operation.  


    4. Electric or Pneumatic Actuation 

    The T-Body High Pressure Control Valve comes standard for pneumatic actuation. You can also pair it with one of our electric actuators to reap benefits like zero-emission operation and remote control. 



    The T-Body High Pressure Control Valve is ideal for liquid dump, plunger lift, gas lift, flowback, or any other control application where erosive conditions exist.

    t-body applications



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    End ConnectionS & Options

    The T-Body is available in 2” NPT and a variety of different 2” flanged options, from 150RF up to API 5000. 

    t-body flanged end connections control valve kimray

    All types can be fitted with the full line of trim options from Kimray's Stem-Guided High Pressure Control Valves.

    kimray t-body hpcv trim set options


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