Investing in the Customer Experience: Distribution Center & Forecasting

Investing in the Customer Experience: Distribution Center & Forecasting

Improving the customer experience is a never-ending process here at Kimray. Every day our team is looking for ways to make it easier for you to find, install, and use the control equipment you need to achieve your oil and gas production goals. Two recent advances we’ve made in this area include our new Distribution Center and focus on Strategic Forecasting.

Distribution Center

As I mentioned in my last post, our new 25,000 square foot Distribution Center (DC) in Oklahoma City is providing more efficiency, flexibility and space to have our high-volume items crated and ready to ship.

Since coming online in May 2019, the DC has already provided a significant reduction in lead times for our customers.

In just one recent example, over the summer a customer requested a quote for a sizable order of our larger high pressure control valves.

Because of our added capacity in the Distribution Center along with efficiencies we have gained in manufacturing, we had several on hand to and ready ship right away. The remaining valves were manufactured and delivered within 4 weeks of the order.

What would have been a several month wait a year ago was now completed within 30 days because of the new systems in place and the hard work of our DC team.

The DC launch has been one of the largest cross-departmental projects Kimray has undertaken. From I.T. to Manufacturing and Supply Chain to those on the DC floor, these folks have put a lot of hard work in to transition and go live to make a difference for our customers. My hat’s off to them.

Strategic Forecasting

We know how crucial it is to have products available when you are ready to produce a well. The challenge before suppliers is determining which products you will need when.

To to this end, we have recently brought on a new forecasting software solution. This solution allows to collect relevant, timely information from our regional stores and integrate that data with factors like broader energy market projections and our manufacturing capacity.

Our Business Intelligence then uses this information to create accurate, far-sighted visualizations that help us determine what to build.

We are confident this tool will be another step toward simplifying our customer experience and getting you the valves, pumps, pilots, and controllers you need when you’re ready to turn on that well.