Product Notice | Hub Redesigns for Lever-Operated Dump Valves and Trunnions

April 20, 2021

This product notice is to inform you that we have now released the new design for the Hub and Shaft with double flats in all standard 2" lever operated valves to reduce rotational play. 

In this new design, we have added a second flat in the hub connection to the shaft, and significantly increased the hub thickness to reduce the potential for wearing. We also tightened the tolerances in the link and link pin connections. All these improvements give this hub design a tighter fit and less rotational play than both the D-shaped hub connection AND the original keyway design.  

We are currently assembling all standard new 2" lever operated valves with these new components.  

The 316 stainless steel hub and shaft with double flats will be ready and in production within 6 weeks, and an additional notice will be released when this happens.    

We are currently redesigning the 3", 4" and 6" hubs and shafts in the same way, and will release an additional notice when those are ready. If you or your customers are currently having issues with rotational play in your trunnion or dump valve, or if you want to proactively replace the hubs and shafts in your existing stock, we would like to send you replacement components free of charge. If you have existing stock of replaced components, please dispose of them.  

To request this, please call Kimray Customer Service at (405) 525-4298 and have the serial numbers for your affected valves ready. For a full list of the affected serial number ranges and components needed for replacements, consult the lists below. 

Product Notice | Hub and Shaft Redesign for 2" Lever Operated Dump Valves

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Product Notice | Hub and Shaft Redesign for 2" Lever Operated Dump Valves


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