Vapor Recovery Unit in the DJ Basin Using Electric Pilot

Vapor Recovery Unit in the DJ Basin Using Electric Pilot

A producer in the Colorado DJ Basin was using a pneumatic controller for an inlet suction control valve on a vapor recovery unit (VRU). Vapor recovery is a common practice in Colorado, and electric control products are becoming more common because of the strict emissions regulations there.

In light of these needs, we asked the producer if they would be interested in a trial of the Kimray Electric Pilot for this application. They agreed, and we set them up with a new pilot.

Electric Pilot

The Kimray Electric Pilot is a state-of-the-art, stand-alone valve controller that can control pressure, flow, temperature, or level.

The pilot features a simple, interactive screen for on-board adjustments. The screen also displays a readout of PID with auto-tune, providing precise control and ease of start-up for the operator. Best of all, the Electric Pilot allows you to control process conditions without the use of a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or any other computing hardware.


Their response was favorable. They saw four immediate benefits of using the pilot:

  1. Autonomy. Because the pilot is a stand-alone unit that doesn’t require PLC programming, they saved  I/O space for other equipment.
  2. Price. The price point for the Electric Pilot was much more cost effective for this application because they didn’t have to purchase an RTU or PLC.
  3. Portability. The application was on a small vapor recovery unit (VRU). They wanted the valve and system to be able to move with the compressor when the time came. The pilot allowed that portability.
  4. Ease of installation and operation. As they watched us install it, their response was “Is that it?” Electric control products have a reputation for being complicated and difficult for users to install and configure. However, we designed the Electric Pilot to be simple enough for a general field operator to operate without outside assistance.

If you would like more information about the Electric Pilot or any other Kimray product, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor. You can also download a report of this case study here.