Product Notice | 3" Treater Valve Stuffing Box

Product Notice | 3" Treater Valve Stuffing Box

This product notice is to inform you that some 3” Treater Valves with new stuffing box design assemblies are leaking out of the stuffing box/shaft o-ring seal at lower pressures. Our engineering and quality teams are working to quickly determine a root cause and design a solution.

In the meantime, we are reverting back to the original stuffing box design on the 3” Treater Valves until a permanent solution can be designed and tested.

Original Treater Valve Stuffing Box compared to New Treater Valve Stuffing Box

For those receiving 3” Treater Valves, you will start to see this change in your next shipments. We are changing all of our stock to the original stuffing box design.

If you have current stock of 3” Treater Valves with the new stuffing box design, you can contact Jenny Kennedy by email or by phone at 405-525-4298 to receive replacement stuffing box components. The same would apply if customers are having issues with their valves.

Serial numbers with the new stuffing box design started with S/N: 2181530001. Based off of this serial number, please check your stock. Then let Jenny know how many replacements you need.


Q: Are there problems with this same stuffing box design in the 2” Treater Valves, 2” Mechanical Valve, or the 3” Mechanical Valve?
A: No, we have not had any reports of these valves leaking. So at this time we will not be reverting those back to the original stuffing box design.

Q: Why did Kimray make the changes to the original style stuffing box design?
A: The industry is changing, and in a lot of well sites, yellow metals like brass and bronze are not allowed. The main reason for this design change was to move to stainless steel. This is because the original design relied on the softness of the yellow metals to not scar the shaft, thus a new design had to be put in place. For this reason, we can’t simply change the original design to stainless steel metals.

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