Holding Liquid Level on a Compressor in the Anadarko Basin | Case Study for the Gen 3

Holding Liquid Level on a Compressor in the Anadarko Basin

The Gen 3 Liquid Level Controller was created to help oil and gas producers maintain accurate liquid level control and maintain performance even in harsh environments.  

The Gen 3 features durable components, easy on-site adjustments, field-adjustability, and snap or throttle operating modes. 

Paired with a pneumatic pressure control valve, it provides long-lasting, precise liquid level control in separation equipment to keep wells operating at optimal production levels. 

In this field study, we’ll show how the level controller performed at a well site in the Anadarko Basin. 


A midstream company in Western Oklahoma needed to maintain accurate level control in the scrubber on their compressor skid. This application featured heavy vibration due to the operation of the compressor, which was causing their level controllers to fall apart and fail. 

Application & Product Details 

  • Application: Scrubber on a Compressor Station with Vibration  
  • Production Type: Natural Gas Production  
  • Connection Size/Type: 2" NPT  
  • Mount Side: BM (Left) 
  • Pilot Mode: Snap 
  • Valve Mode: Direct 
  • Displacer: Standard 
  • Extension: Standard 
  • Displacer Orientation: Vertical 
  • Process Seal: 90A Viton O-Ring 


The producer worked with the Kimray team in Oklahoma City to upgrade their level controller to a Gen 3 and paired it with control valve on the dump line. 

Summary of Installation: The Gen 3 was installed on the scrubber to sense the liquid level inside the vessel and respond accordingly. When it reached the set point based on that level, it communicated pneumatically to the control valve, dumping the liquid to a holding tank for further processing.   

Date of Installation: 1/5/22 


After 3 months of operation, the Gen 3 was holding steady.  

In the words of the customer:  

“So far we haven’t had any issues at all with the level controller. We haven’t had to make a single adjustment and we haven’t had a single shutdown on scrubber level. No problems maintaining the right level, no resetting. The level seems to be pretty consistent. We are completely satisfied with the product. So far, we are very impressed with the way it operates.” 

-Compressor Mechanic, Anadarko Basin