Control Valve Maintenance: A Simple Way to Reduce Fugitive Emissions

Fugitive emissions are a growing focus in the oil and gas industry.

Many oil and gas producers are rightly discussing large-scale changes to address this issue. 

In this video, we cover a small, simple step you can take to prevent emissions from escaping your control devices.

What is Valve Maintenance?

Over time, all sealing surfaces in control valves, regulators, dump valves, and level controllers are susceptible to wear. 

If you are looking for a small step to reduce your emissions, we encourage you to inspect your equipment to see what controllers and valves may need maintenance.  

These valves may be overlooked when there are bigger emission sources on your location. Even equipment you may not think of can be a source of fugitive emissions if not maintained.  

trunnion gas leak with infrared camera

For example, more prevalent use of emissions detection equipment has highlighted that over time, our Trunnion Assembly may become a source of fugitive gas emissions. While there may be no visible leaks, the seals in the stuffing box can wear down and not function effectively. 

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Repair Kits for valves and controllers

To address this issue, we provide repair kits that can be installed on sealing surfaces in our control products, including:  

  • Trunnion Assemblies 
  • Lever Operated Dump Valves 
  • Regulators 
  • High Pressure Control Valves  
  • Temperature Controllers  
  • Weight Operated Dump Valves 

Find Your Repair Kit Here


Valve Maintenance schedule

The maintenance schedule for your Kimray products will vary depending on your conditions.

While our standard recommendation is to install a repair kit every 12 months, this may not be enough in your particular operation.  


Valve Maintenance Services

We also have regional repair shops that can complete these repairs for you, as well as a Field Services team that can come out to your operation to perform preventative maintenance or repairs. 

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