7 Keys to Troubleshooting a Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator

The Valvcon Electric Valve Actuator provides accurate, zero-emission control of control valves and can tie in to a PLC or RTU for remote monitoring. 

In this video, Jordan shows you four things to look for when troubleshooting your actuator.  

Problem 1: Your Motor Stall LED light is blinking in a mid-travel position.

Solution: This may be due to the Valvcon hunting for a signal. To correct this problem, increase the actuator dead band set point by rotating the dial clockwise.

Problem 2: Your actuator does not respond to 4-20mA or 0-10V control signal.

Solution: Fully rotate the “Analog Position Control Mode” dial clockwise to confirm that it has been selected.

Problem 3: You’re not getting Feedback in Energy Save mode.  

Solution: If this happens, even briefly, the Feedback signal is turned off. More than likely, someone removed the Feedback wires from the terminal block. Connect the wires and then cycle power to reinstate Feedback signal. 

Problem 4: Your LED lights shut off after a minute.  

Solution: Check to see if Energy Save mode has been selected.

LED lights are turned off after one minute in Energy Save mode in order to reduce power consumption.

Problem 5: The valve won’t open all the way.

Solution: If after calibrating, the valve won’t open to its full potential, the potentiometer may need to be adjusted to achieve its full rotational capacity.

Rotate it a quarter turn clockwise until the LED is solid again.  

Problem 6: You need to use the manual override.

Solution: If you need to use the manual override for any reason, make sure to use the correct tool.

If you attempt to use a crescent wrench, you can damage the sensitive internal parts.  

Contact your Kimray provider to order a handwheel. If you have a newer model, you will need a handwheel with stem attachment. 

Problem 7: You regularly lose battery power.

If you’re on a site where power loss is frequent, and you notice your battery charge doesn’t hold, consider ordering a lithium ion battery.

If any of these problems persists after troubleshooting, you can re-calibrate the actuator to reset the unit. If you need assistance, follow our video How to Install and Calibrate the Valvcon Actuator.

Use these quick tips to make sure your control valves are sized correctly, and production is operating at maximum capacity.