Which Parts of a Pneumatic Control Valve Do I Need?

Which Parts of a Pneumatic Control Valve Do I Need?

A pneumatic high pressure control valve is a versatile device producers use to control a variety of liquids and gasses.

There are four key parts of this control valve that are typically required for it to operate correctly:

  • Sense Line Protector — protects instrumentation from over pressurization and subsequent damage
  • Supply Gas Regulator — provides supply pressure to the pneumatic pilot of the valve
  • Pilot — monitors process conditions and changes valve trim position accordingly
  • Drip Pot — knocks out excess liquid in supply gas

Can I Repurpose a Pneumatic High Pressure Control Valve?

Our standard buildup for a high pressure control valve package is going to include all four of these pieces. However, if you are building this package up yourself or repurposing a valve for a different application, you may not need all of these.

Drip Pot and Supply Gas Regulator

If you already have dry supply gas on location that you can pull from another regulator, you may not need a supply gas regulator or drip pot.

Sense Line Protector

If the working pressure of the pilot is higher than the valve's working pressure, you don't need a sense line protector. The potential for the pilot to be over-pressured isn't there because the pressure on the valve itself isn't going to exceed the working pressure of the pilot. Let's look at two examples to explain this:

  • Example 1: The AHJ pilot is a 300-PSI pilot. If you were using a 2,000-PSI valve with this pilot, you need to protect that pilot because the potential is there for there to be 2,000 PSI on the valve body or on the monitored pressure. So the sense line protector is very important in this case.
  • Example 2: A control valve with 150 raised-face flanges and a 150 PG pilot. That's a 1,500-PSI pilot. This means you don't have to worry about the pilot being over-pressured because it far exceeds the working pressure of the valve.

To speak with an expert about building your High Pressure Control Valve Package, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor. We can help you repurpose valves and tell you what components you're going to need for your application.