What is a Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge?

What is a Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge?

One of the critical components of your oil and gas control equipment is the pressure gauge.

What is a Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge?

A pressure gauge monitors the pressure upstream or downstream of your pressure regulator or pilot. This can provide a real-time snapshot of what is happening in your production processes.

A liquid-filled pressure gauge is a gauge filled with liquid—typically glycerin—which provides some key benefits over other pressure gauges.

Are Liquid-Filled Gauges Better ?

Liquid-filled gauges perform better than other gauges for a few reasons:


Liquid-filled gauges are more durable than dry gauges. Because the internal fluid dampens system pulsation, the gauge can better stand up to shock and vibration during transport and in your system. This also means they have greater moisture resistance, reducing the potential for condensation and icing.

No Pressure Vent

Our Flex Window gauge does not have a pressure vent. This means glycerin cannot leak from the gauge during normal function, unlike some other liquid-filled gauges. The flexible window acts as the pressure compensation element for the gauge, which allows it to be 100% hermetically sealed, ideal for use in any orientation.

What is a Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge?


Because the gauge is completely filled with liquid, there is no visible bubble to inhibit gauge readings. On our Flex-Window liquid-filled pressure gauge, the transparent rubber face is also highly resistant to UV light, bacteria, ozone, and radiation, and the curved lens surface acts as a magnifying feature that also repels water droplets.

What is a Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge?

Because of these advantages, Kimray has recently moved from using dry pressure gauges to liquid-filled gauges. Beginning March 2021, all Kimray pressure regulators and pilots will come standard with a Flex Window Liquid-Filled Gauge.

For further questions about pressure gauges or other oil and gas equipment, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.