Solutions for Fugitive Methane Gas Emissions in Oil and Gas Production

Fugitive Methane Gas Emissions

As gas moves through valves to various production vessels, it is typically vented by pneumatic controllers. This venting, along with accidental emissions that occur during production and transportation, make up fugitive methane gas emissions.

Methane is the primary component of natural gas, making up around 80% of the gas produced from a well.

Fugitive emissions are regularly on the minds of oil and gas producers, and no more so than in an election year. The industry as a whole is currently divided in how to handle them, with larger companies looking to restrict more aggressively than smaller producers.

While the current EPA has rolled back regulations, the next may swing the other way, as we’ve seen at the state level in more regulated areas like New Mexico and Colorado.

At Kimray, we are prepared to equip you for sustainable energy production long into the future, whatever the regulatory environment.

That’s why we offer several options for zero-emission production to help you keep ahead of regulations. These options include Lever-Operated Liquid Dump Valves, Non-Venting Regulators, and Electric Actuators.

Lever-Operated Liquid Dump Valves

Lever-Operated Liquid Dump Valves work in conjunction with a trunnion and linkage rod to provide emissions-free liquid level control in separation vessels.

This simple design is reliable, easy to set up, and will stand up to harsh environments.

Non-venting Pneumatic Regulators*

Kimray pneumatic high pressure control valves and low pressure regulators can be used in common applications including back pressure regulation and pressure reducing regulation.

While our standard regulators and pneumatic control valves currently come tubed to vent, we also offer many non-venting versions.

These non-venting valves use process natural gas to supply the diaphragm and actuate the valve. Then, rather than venting the gas to atmosphere, they send the gas back into the production line.

*Note: If you already have standard regulators, you can convert them from vent to non-vent by changing the tubing. Watch our step-by-step video below.

Electric Actuators

We currently offer two electric actuators: The Tritex II and Valvcon.

The Tritex II Electric Actuator features a fast 5-inches per second actuation and producers can use it with Kimray’s entire line of High Pressure Control Valves.

It carries a Class 1, Div 2 rating. A 12-48VDC provides power, and it requires a computer to program, but does have custom seating capabilities.

The Valvcon Electric Actuator features 13-second actuation, full-closed to full-open.

Additionally, This package is easy to install and carries a Class 1, Div 1 explosion-proof rating and battery backup. Other features include a universal power supply and an onboard heater for cold weather or humidity control.

Both of these options provide provides a smart, durable, and cost-effective solution for zero-emission valve control.

Pneumatics with Compressed Air

One other way to avoid fugitive methane gas emissions is by using compressed air rather than supply gas to power your valves and control instruments.

With compressed air, you can continue to use pneumatic controls without emitting fugitive gasses.

To speak with an expert about our zero-emissions options, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.