Solution for Liquid Level Control in Changing Production Fluid

In this video, Kimray's Kyle Andrews demonstrates a simple solution for liquid level control in changing fluid densities.

The Challenge of Liquid Level Control in Changing Fluid Density

The chemistry of a well’s production can change rapidly. This is especially common when it transitions from the injected fluids to normal produced fluid. Consequently, this makes it challenging to maintain the correct float buoyancy inside the separator.  As production changes, an operator may be forced to shut-in the vessel and re-weight the float multiple times. This shut-in and re-weighting process consumes valuable resources and subsequently leads to costly downtime.

The “Just Grab Something” Approach

To adjust for this, some operators use other random items around their production site to hold the float up. Adding this weight on the arm makes the float more buoyant to deal with the changing density. However, this trial-and-error method is inefficient and hard to repeat.

Kimray Standard Solution

In response to this issue, Kimray has created a standard, repeatable solution. Kimray threaded weights, like the kind used on our Weight Operated Dump Valves Valves, can be bolted to the trunnion lever bar of the liquid level float. You can easily adjust or remove these as the density of the fluid changes without shutting in the vessel. If the standard arm and weight do not provide enough buoyancy, we also offer longer arms and heavier weights. Now, rather than frustrating downtime, you have a standard, simple solution in place to deal with this problem

If you’d like to discuss this solution for your operation, contact your local Kimray representative.