Product Notice | Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings Prevent Corrosion & Abrasion

Product Notice | Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings Prevent Corrosion & Abrasion

Kimray has recently begun offering Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings on our products. Z-PEX is the first metal coating system designed specifically for the extreme conditions of today’s petroleum industry. It provides both base-metal corrosion resistance and surface abrasion resistance.

How Does It Work?

Z-PEX electro-deposits an eight-generation hybrid poly-epoxide coating over a zirconium oxide pretreated surface. This process creates a chemical-resistant base coat that forms an electro-molecular bond with the substrate.

High-density poly-epoxide coatings have long been known to have superb adhesion and chemical resistance. They typically lack the abrasion resistance needed to survive in mechanically harsh environments.

Z-PEX overcomes these limitations by incorporating a fluoropolymer layer over the electro-deposited epoxy base coat. This layer creates a slick surface through which process media can flow with a lower Coefficient of Friction than any other coating available.

Z-PEX combines the desirable characteristics of both technologies into a single, uniform layer of protection.

What Problems Does Z-PEX Prevent?

Chemical Corrosion

Z-PEX is unaffected by diverse hydrocarbons, H2S, HCL, Saltwater and Carbonic Acids.


By incorporating a flouroplymer layer over the electro-deposited epoxy base coat, Z-PEX lowers the Coefficient of Friction dramatically. This decreases the likelihood of abrasion as well as the energy required to move process fluids.

Coating Creep

Other coatings struggle to contain the spread of corrosion once the part has been damaged. Because Z-PEX bonds electromagnetically to the valve and electrons line up seamlessly, rust and corrosion are minimized. Any scoring sustained is contained at the location.

Z-PEX also lasts 7x longer than Stainless Steel in most applications. Because it adds just 2.2 nanometers to the surface of the components, no extra time for machining is required.

Effective in both erosive and corrosive conditions, Z-PEX is a great option if you need coating of your control valves and production equipment.

For more information, download the complete Z-PEX Extreme Environment Coatings brochure or reach out to your local Kimray representative.