Kimray's Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator

What is a Pressure Reducing Regulator?

Kimray’s Pressure Reducing Regulator is used to maintain a downstream pressure set point. Otherwise known as a “pilot-integrated valve,” Pressure Regulators are often used as suction controllers. In addition, their design can aid in recirculation applications on gas compressors and as fuel gas suppliers. To work properly, the gas must be clean and dry.

How does it work?

This regulator operates through upstream gas, except where liquid or very low gas pressure is present. The inside of the pilot contains a compressed spring, which places a force against a thick diaphragm. This diaphragm is also in contact with the controlled pressure opposite the spring.

As the regulator operates, two forces are working against each other. Furthermore, these forces continually reposition a three-way valve, which controls the diaphragm pressure.

The Kimray Pressure Reducing Regulator limits upstream pressure by either reliving excess pressure or by limiting the flow to downstream.


If you have questions about the Pressure Reducing Regulator or any other Kimray product, reach out to your local Kimray Sales and Service Store or authorized distributors.