The Differential Pressure Regulator and 3 Other Regulators You May Not Know About

If you work in oil and gas production, you're probably familiar with Kimray's industry-standard Back Pressure and Pressure Reducing Regulators.

In this video, Jeff shows you a few pressure regulators you may not know about:

  • Differential Pressure Regulator
  • Pressure Reducing Balanced (PRB) Regulator
  • Liquid Back Pressure Regulator
  • Back Pressure Vacuum Regulator

Differential Pressure Regulator

Differential Pressure Regulator

Common Applications: Meter Run, Gas Lift

The Differential Pressure Regulator regulates the pressure across your meter run. This regulator maintains a set differential pressure across the valve seat so the flow is consistent and metered appropriately.

It can also be used to control the injection flow rate in a gas lift application.

Pressure Reducing Balanced (PRB) Regulator

Pressure Reducing Balanced (PRB) Regulator

Common Application: Compressor Suction Control

The Pressure Reducing Balanced (or PRB) Regulator is the ideal valve for suction control on your compressor.

This regulator consistently controls a set point downstream even if there are large swings in upstream pressure. It features a 100:1 set point drift ratio versus the 8:1 of the standard version.

Liquid Back Pressure Regulator

Liquid Back Pressure Regulator

Common Application: Holding Back Pressure on a Vessel

Our Liquid Back Pressure Regulator is used in applications where wet supply gas is an issue.

This regulator holds back pressure by using an outside source of gas, like an air compressor, so the wet gas does not disrupt the valve's function.

You can also convert your back pressure valve to a liquid back pressure regulator by changing out a few parts. Just make sure your elastomers are compatible with the fluids in your gas.

Back Pressure Vacuum Regulator

Back Pressure Vacuum Regulator

Common Application: Vapor Recovery Tower

The Back Pressure Vacuum Regulator is an ideal valve for your Vapor Recovery Tower.

This regulator can be used to hold pressure on the tower. When the pressure reaches a set point, the back pressure vacuum regulator will open, sending the gas to a vapor recovery unit for compression.

To talk to an expert about your regulator needs, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.