The Back Pressure Valve Manufacturer

Kimray is a back pressure valve manufacturer. In fact, our first product was a pilot-operated back pressure regulator. We introduced this valve in 1948, and it quickly became a staple of oil and gas industry production. In fact, it remains our most popular product to this day.

What is a Back Pressure Valve?

Simply put, a back pressure valve (or regulator) holds pressure on an oil and gas separator, treater, free water knockout, or other production vessel. This allows the vessel to maintain a constant pressure so it can perform its function in the production process.

Our back pressure regulator is classified as an “integrated” valve because the pilot is actually connected to the valve and comes out as one piece. The valve monitors upstream pressure, and releases pressure once production reaches a pre-determined set point. You can adjust this set point by tightening or loosening the bolt on top of the valve.

Manufacturing Back Pressure Valves

As a back pressure valve manufacturer, Kimray has a robust manufacturing system that involves many interworking processes. Broadly speaking, our valves go from casting, to machining, to paint booth, to assembly, to boxing and finally to shipping. Our quality systems are the ISO 9001:2008 (FM505466) Quality Management System and APIQ1 (Q1-1575) Approved Quality System.

With international distribution partners in China, Mexico, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe, South America, and Australia, we supply the world with back pressure regulation.

If you have questions about our back pressure valves or any other product, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.