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Our Story

In 1948 a little start-up in Oklahoma City revolutionized pressure regulation in the oil and gas industry by introducing a three-inch pilot-operated back pressure regulator. That was just the beginning for Kimray, Inc. We have since grown to be a globally-known manufacturer of a comprehensive line of reliable, smart and inventive American-made control equipment.

A three-time recipient of the Oklahoma Ethics Consortium’s Compass Award, we believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching, as evident in our awards for financial stewardship, environmental excellence, and API and ISO quality certifications.

Customers often say they know buying from us is more than just a transaction. After all, part of The Kimray Way is making customers our partners, anticipating their needs and providing timely solutions that exceed expectations. We are there for the long-haul, going beyond basic customer service by providing continued support for as long as we are needed.

Our Values

When Garman Kimmell founded Kimray, he made it a priority to operate the company according to Biblical principles. Kimray continues to weigh business decisions against the standards of the Bible - which includes measuring success through lives changed, not just dollars earned.

We keep an eternal perspective about our daily work. We work as unto the Lord, and we remember that sharing the good news about Jesus Christ is the greatest purpose we serve.

In both his personal and professional life, Garman Kimmell viewed resources as something God entrusted to him as a steward for managing those resources and using them wisely.

This stewardship mentality remains an important part of Kimray's approach to business as we make the most of what God gives us - includiong our time, energy, people, profits, opportunities, equipment, and the natural resources around us.

Garman Kimmell understood how important strong, healthy families are for the well-being and success of our team members, our company and our society. We desire for each family to be a place where love grows, joy abounds and relationships thrive.

For this reason, Kimray provides wages, benefits and programs that improve the quality of life for team members and their families. By making a difference at home, we make a lasting difference in the communities where we live.

Kimray's reputation and "good name" comes from decades of pursuing excellence in all we do. It is our daily task to maintain that good name by keeping our word, fulfilling commitments, providing quality products and services, and preserving the trust we have built with customers, suppliers and our community.

We encourage all team members to evaluate their actions in light of good character and do the right thing. Ultimately, we hope Kimray's good name will bring honor and glory to God.

Our Mission

Kimray’s mission is “making a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

This includes serving customers by meeting their needs, serving team members because we care about one another and serving our communities by being good neighbors and citizens.

This mission gives us a higher purpose for why we go to work each day—to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It reminds us that we don’t just run machines, assemble parts, ship products, or push paper. We are part of something bigger than ourselves—a team full of people who contribute toward common goals.

By combining our efforts and working together, we can do more good, create more benefits and make a bigger difference than any of us could do alone.