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METER 1100 4 1200GPM

Flow Meter and Monitor | Turbine Flow Meter

4 " Meter Bore Size
4" NPT

Process Fluid: Liquid Only

Options Included In This Model:

Fluid entering the meter passes through the inlet flow straightener which reduces its turbulent flow pattern and improves the fluid's velocity profile. Fluid then passes through the turbine, causing it to rotate at a speed proportional to fluid velocity. As each turbine blade passes through the magnetic field at the base of the transducer, an AC voltage pulse is generated in the pickup coil. These pulses produce an output frequency proportional to the volumetric flow through the meter.


  • Series: 1100
  • Connection Size: 4 "
  • Connection Type: NPT
  • Process Fluid: Liquid Only
  • Hazardous Location Certification: Class I, Div 1
  • Min. Flow Rate: 100 gpm
  • Max. Flow Rate: 1200 gpm
  • K-Factor (approx.) *: 29 pulses/gal
    * Each flow meter built has a slightly different K factor
  • Bore Size: 4
  • Recommended Strainer Mesh (openings per inch): 10 x 10
  • Recommended Filter Size: 1.6 mm
  • Repair Kit P/N: B251-141

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