Field Study | Gen 3 Holds Liquid Level for Over 3 Months with No Adjustments

The Gen 3 Liquid Level Controller was created to help oil and gas producers maintain accurate liquid level control and maintain performance even in harsh environments.

The Gen 3 features durable components, easy on-site adjustments, field- adjustability, and snap or throttle operating modes.

In this field study, we’ll show how the level controller performed at a well site in the Gulf Coast area in South Texas.


An energy producer was having difficulty holding interface levels with their existing liquid level controllers. The settings on the controller would have to be re-adjusted every few days to get the controller to actuate at the right levels.

They had tried level controllers from 2 different manufacturers with no success in fixing the issue.

Application & Production Details

  • Production Dates – June 2023 - Present
  • Wells on Property – 800
  • Production Type – Primary Water Flood
  • Vessel Types – 2-phase and 3-phase separators, test separators
  • Solids in Fluid – Some sand
  • Upstream Pressure – 80 psi
  • Downstream Pressure – 30-40 psi
  • Recent Oil Production – 50k BBLs per month
  • Recent Gas Production – 56 MMCF per month


The producer worked with the Kimray team in Houston to replace one of their level controllers with a Gen 3.

Product Installed: LCR with 3x12” displacer
Date of Installation: 6/1/23


The Gen 3 continues to hold interface with no adjustments needed. The Gen 3 has been in place for 3 months. Based on this performance, the production foreman made the call to standardize the Gen 3 for all production moving forward.

In the words of the customer:

“It’s easy to set up and needed no adjustments after getting it set. We would normally have to adjust the other controllers multiple times a week to try and hold interface level.”

-Operator, South Texas

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