How to Identify the Parts of a High Pressure Control Valve Package

The Kimray High Pressure Control Valve is a versatile solution for controlling a variety of liquids and gases. In this video, we show you how to identify the key components of a control valve package.

High Pressure Control Valve

The first item to identify is the control valve. We offer these valves in sizes ranging from 1” to 10”. They also come with a variety of trim types and sizes along with several end connections. To learn more about this valve, see our video “How to Operate the High Pressure Control Valve.”

Sense Line Protector

The next item is the Sense Line Protector. As an adjustable, self-resetting, pressure-limiting device to protect instrumentation from over pressurization and subsequent damage. The sense line protector blocks the sense line pressure to a device when it exceeds the adjustable limit. It reopens when inlet pressure drops below the limit.

Supply Gas Regulator

The Supply Gas Regulator is a device that provides supply pressure to the pneumatic actuator—or pilot—of the valve.  


The Pilot is responsible for telling the valve what to do. When set up in a back pressure application, the pilot keeps the valve closed until maintains a set point on a production vessel. It can also be set up for applications such as pressure reducing, gap control, and hi-low.

Drip Pot

The final component on this package is the Drip Pot. A drip pot knocks out any liquid that is in your supply gas, which could be detrimental to the other instruments on a high pressure control package.

For help with choosing the right components for your high pressure control valve package, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.