What are Flanged Ball Valves?

What are Flanged Ball Valves?

Flanged Ball Valves are 1-piece or 2-piece ball valves that provides effective control of oil and gas operations. Its defining trait is the flanged ends that bolt to oil and gas pipelines.

Kimray’s Flanged Ball Valve is a conventional-design flanged-end floating ball valve. You can easily install or remove this valve from a pipeline or piping system.

This flanged ball valve also features the Van Guard stem sealing system. The Van Guard is a state-of-the-art stem sealing system that incorporates three sets of valve stem seals.

  1. A blow-out proof stem shoulder, which has a 45° machined slope, creates the first seal. This sloped design creates more sealing surface than competitors’ valves with typical flat stem shoulders.
  2. An o-ring, which provides a low-torque, flexible seal, creates the second seal. Furthermore, the o-ring eliminates side-loading stress, helping maintain perfect stem alignment.
  3. V-ring packing sets, which expand sideways during compression, create the third seal. These v-ring packing sets use belleville washers to load. This design allows the valve stem sealing system to compensate for wear, pressure or temperature changes.

The unique stem sealing system results in long-lasting, dependable ball valves.

Producers can employ these flanged ball valves in on/off, isolation, or high-cycle applications. The flanged ball valve also includes v-port control and cryogenic options.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.