What is a 3-Piece Ball Valve?

A 3-piece ball valve is a valve that swings open on both ends in order to provide easy access to the valve’s internals for maintenance and repair purposes.

3-Piece Ball Valve Features

Our Multi-Choice and Tri-Pro valves are dynamic, high-performance 3-piece valves that are long lasting, cost effective, and easy to repair. They provide four key features: fully encapsulated end screws, weld-in-place end caps, in-line repair, and a protected seat.

  • Fully Encapsulated End Screws. These valves are designed with cap screws that hold each end cap in place instead of the long bolts, washers and nuts like most other 3-piece valves. Because the screws are fully encapsulated, they are protected from the outside environment. They enable perfect alignment of the seat with the ball, even during field repair.
  • Weld-In-Place End Caps. Another unique feature is the weld-in-place end cap with heat-dissipating rings. These end caps allow customers to weld the valve in line without removing the center body, saving on material and labor costs.
  • In-Line Repair. You can repair 3-piece valves without complete removal from the line, unlike 1- and 2-piece ball valves. Simply remove three of the four cap screws on each side, and the body swings out for replacement of the seats and seals.
  • Protected Seat. The Tri-Pro Series valves also feature a protected seat and encapsulated body seal design. This isolates and protects the seats and seals from the flow path, preventing cold flow and allowing long-term performance in demanding applications.

These features combine to make the 3-piece ball valves ideal solutions for your oil and gas needs.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.