Traditional Ball Valves vs. Segmented V-Port Ball Valves

A Segmented V-Port Ball Valve can be used to efficiently control midstream production operations.

Producers with both upstream and midstream operations often have to go to multiple vendors to find the right control valve solutions. Not so with Kimray. 

Kimray offers trusted upstream products as well as a variety of midstream solutions to meet your gathering, transporting, and processing needs.  

In this video, Chase looks at a customer’s specific need and the Kimray midstream solution applied.  

A continuous challenge many midstream companies face, is maintaining and controlling the flow of the oil and gas to and from their processing equipment.  

For the midstream market, Kimray offers a non-traditional ball valve, also known as a “segmented v-port ball valve.” This half-ball, v-port design allows for precise control and variable flow rates as needed or desired per the application. 

Traditional Ball Valves vs. Segmented V-Port Ball Valves

Traditional ball valves are specifically designed for on/off operation only and not as a throttling or control valve mechanism. When producers attempt to use a traditional ball valve as a control valve by throttling, they create excessive cavitation and turbulence within the valve as well as in in the flow line. This is detrimental to the life and functionality of the valve. 

Some of the benefits of the v-port design in the segmented ball are:

  • The efficiency of a quarter turn ball valve with the traditional characteristics of a globe valve.
  • Variable control of your flow as well as the on/off capabilities of the traditional ball valve.
  • Open and unobstructed flow of materials which helps to minimize cavitation, turbulence and erosion of the valve. 
  • Less wear and tear on sealing surfaces of the ball and seat due to reduced surface contact. 
  • Less cavitation and turbulence with smooth operation. 

Recently, a Kimray customer was “spec’ing” a Midstream project in West Texas. They were looking for a control valve to use on the inlets to their compressor packages.  

The customer has been happy with Kimray’s upstream products and was interested in our midstream solutions as well.  

We sized 8” and 10” segmented valves for this application. These valves allowed the customer to flow at various rates and they are now providing precise control to their compressors.  

To see how Kimray can help with your midstream operation, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor.