Stem Guided High Pressure Control Valve Repair: Reassembly

When repairing a Kimray High Pressure Control Valve, disassemble it first.

Once the valve has been successfully disassembled, begin repairs by taking the packing rings and installing them on the packing sleeve. Coat it with grease and slide it into your stem box assembly. Next, put in your follower and spring. Now mount the stuffing box assembly into a vise, put your outer O-ring onto the stuffing box, and mount the cage to the stuffing box assembly. Use a hand to put downward force on the cage and use a screwdriver to engage the threads. Be sure not to tighten the cage down all the way. This ensures that the trim can be installed through the stuffing box assembly later.

The next step is to install the felt wiper retainer and snap ring into the top end of the stuffing box assembly. Before this, inspect the trim in the seat to make sure there isn’t any corrosion or erosion that would prevent the valve from sealing. Now put the stuffing box assembly back in the vise and install the trim and seat. Put the valve body into the vise and grease the O-rings on the stuffing box assembly. Then place the stuffing box into the valve body and tighten it with a large crescent wrench until it’s snug.

Now it’s time to reassemble the top works. Begin by putting together the lower adjustment screw. Mount the outer O-ring, inner O-ring, felt wiper, retainer, and snap ring. Put some grease on the lower adjustment screw O-ring, and then install it into the toke. Keep in mind that the top works diaphragm does not come in the Kimray Repair Kit, so it’s important to check for any abnormal wear, such as punctures or swelling. If everything looks okay, install it on your diaphragm plate. The bowl of the top works diaphragm should always face the diaphragm plate. Use the custom Kimray wrench and vise to tighten the diaphragm. Be sure not to over tighten it, as this will cause the diaphragm to bulge.

Next, install the upper stem into the diaphragm plate, and then install it into the yoke. Be sure to grease the inner O-ring in the lower adjustment screw before inserting the upper stem. Now put grease on the bottom of the pivot sleeve. Install the lower spring plate, the spring, and the upper spring plate and grease the top of the spring plate.

Now install the bonnet. Before beginning this step, make sure that the breather plug hole and supply gas hole are lined up. When tightening the bonnet bolts, it’s important to tighten them in a star pattern, similar to tightening lug nuts on a tire. Next, place the ring on the upper adjustment screw. Put a dab of grease on top to hold the pivot in place and install the pivot. Don’t tighten it down all the way until the top works has been installed onto the body. Now install the breather plug.

At this point, mount the top works on the body. The coupling block comes with two difference sides: a flat side that should go on top and the rounded side that goes on the bottom. Make sure that the alignment is correct. Now tighten the four lower bolts and the upper adjustment screw.

If you need more information about your high pressure control valve, or if you run into an issue while repairing any Kimray product, contact your local Kimray store or authorized distributor. We’ll be happy to help.