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Control Valves

1 & 2 HPCV

Non-Freeze Dump Valve

Metering Valve

Oversized Soft Seat

Piston Balanced Control Valve

Piston Balanced Metering Valve

Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Electro-Pneumatic Controller

Kimray PS2 by Siemens

I/P Controller

1" & 2" -65 Topworks

Manual Valve Posistioner

Pneumatic Valve Positioner

Single Acting

Double Acting

MT DA Double Acting

Spring Loaded Back Pressure

MT ADA Double Acting

Diaphragm Balanced LP

Piston Balanced LP

Splitter Valve


Piston Balanced 3-Way

Pressure Regulator

Gas Back Pressure

Liquid Back Pressure

Low Pres. Back Pressure

Back Pressure to Vacuum

Ounces BP to Atmosphere

Ounces Back Pres. to Vacuum

Spring Loaded Back Pres.

Steel Back Pressure

Pressure Reducing

Pressure Reducing Balanced

Ounces Pressure Reducing

Ounces PR to Vacuum

Steel Pressure Reducing

Pressure Differential

Ounces Pres. Differential

Remote ISO Differential

Upstream Differential

High Pres. Back Pressure

High Pres. Reducing

Gap Controllers


Liquid Level Controls

Gen II Sidemount

Gen II Backmount

Universal Controller

Floatless Liquid Level

Pneumatic Level Switch

PF Pilots


Diaphragm Balanced LL

Piston Balanced LL

Mechanical Pilot 3PM

Electric Gen II

Electric Switch


Pilots & Relays

5-300 PSI

50-2500 PSI

Differential Controls

100 PDC

Pressure Pilot

Snap Relay

3 PG Throttle Pilot

3PGA Throttle Pilot

3PGRA Throttle - Reverse Pilot

3 PGP Pressurestat

30 PGR Relay

3 PGM Manual Reset Pilot

30 PGMR Manual Pilot

3 PGB Bistable Pilot

4 POR Priority Signal

Supply Gas Regulator

Sense Line Protector

Drip Pot


Temperature Controls

Low Temp. Base Assembly

High Temp. Base Assembly

Pilot Guard

Direct Snap Controller

Indirect Snap Controller

Direct Low Temp. Shut-Down

Indirect High Temp. Shutdown


TC Temperature Controller

Direct Throttle

Indirect Throttle


Gas Sample Probes

Seperable Sockets

Air Motor


Electric Gen II

Electric Switch

Electro-Hydraulic Actuator

Electro-Pneumatic Controller

Kimray PS2 by Seimens

I/P Controller

Electric Glycol Pump

Flow Meters





Glycol Pumps

Electric Glycol Pump

Energy Exchange Glycol Pump

Glycol Filter Canister


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